Websites offering discounts for Washington, D.C.

Those who will take advantage of short term rentals in Washington, DC will probably be looking for ways to save money during their stay in the city. Fortunately, there are many websites you can visit where you can find discounts on many things around the city. Because of this, it will help to take a closer look at these sites and what they offer.

Trusted Tours & Attractions
The Trusted Tours & Attractions website allows you to purchase tickets for discounted prices for various tourist attractions, tours, and recreational events around Washington. You have the option to narrow your search by choosing one of the categories, such as “Land Tours & Sightseeing” and “Museums & Zoos.” Purchasing a ticket on the site guarantees admission into whatever you purchased it for, and allows you to avoid standing in line. The web address is…..

Score Big
If sporting or concert events are more your thing, you can check out the Score Big website. On this site, you can get discounted tickets for the Washington Redskins, Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, and even the Baltimore Ravens. In addition, if there are any major musical acts coming to Washington DC, you can purchase tickets at discounted prices for them, too. Discounts for the sporting events can be as high as 50%, while you can save up to 10% on concert tickets. The web address is…..

Living Social
As its name suggests, the Living Social website can give you discounts on social places around the city. With this site, you can get discounts at participating restaurants, bars, theme parks, shops, and much more. The site also offers incentives to provide links for deals to your friends, offering your deal for free if three of your friends purchase the same deal as you through the link you provided to them. In addition, once you sign up with the site, you will receive an email each day with a new deal for you to take advantage of. The web address is…..

Entertainment Book
Entertainment Book offers coupons for participated restaurants, shops, hotels, movie theaters, and more. Some of the coupons can be for fine dining, while others can be used for fast food restaurants such as Arby’s. The site offers you the chance to narrow your results by category, and there are a lot of categories to choose from. For restaurant chains, the site tells you exactly which restaurant a coupon is good at (this is especially helpful if you plan to use a coupon for a national chain fast food restaurant). The web address is……

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