Quiet and Active San Diego Neighborhoods

When looking for neighborhoods where you will want to take advantage of short term rentals in San Diego, one thing that may weigh heavily on your decision on where to stay is how quiet or active a particular neighborhood is. In other words, depending on your personal tastes, you may look for a neighborhood that does not see the large crowds and heavy traffic that cities are known for, or you may look for a neighborhood that offers a lot of opportunities to meet people, stay active, and just have an all-around good time. Fortunately, San Diego is a city that caters to people of all tastes, and there are several quiet and active neighborhoods for you to check out.

Quiet Neighborhoods
If you are looking to stay in a neighborhood where things are relatively quiet, there are a number of them in San Diego for you to look into. Kensington is probably one of the quietest neighborhoods in the city, with only a very few bars scattered here and there. Otherwise, the neighborhood is mostly homes. Another neighborhood for those who prefer it quiet is South Park. The neighborhood is almost entirely residential, with a few small businesses here and there. There are also a few small shops, restaurants, and pubs around the neighborhood, but nowhere near the amount that the busier neighborhoods see. In fact, this is probably one of the safer neighborhoods in the city to take a stroll in, even at night. University Heights is also a good choice. It is a somewhat small business and residential district that offers a few smaller coffee houses, restaurants, and shops. Many of these are within walking distance, so you do not see quite as much traffic on the road in this neighborhood.

Active Neighborhoods
On the other hand, if you are looking for something a little more upbeat and lively, San Diego certainly has neighborhoods that fit that bill. Downtown is perhaps the most active, with large and small shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, and much more scattered all about. Downtown also hosts the San Diego Convention Center, which hosts several large conventions over the year. The night scene is very active, with lots of nightclubs drawing in people of all ages to the area. Entertainment is also big in Downtown, which many theaters found around the area. The San Diego Gaslamp Quarter is probably the most popular entertainment area in Downtown. Pacific Beach is another good bet. The beach itself offers plenty of opportunities for activities (surfing, swimming, beach volleyball, and so on). There are also a lot of nightclubs and restaurants in the neighborhood for you to stop by. The La Jolla neighborhood has a very popular shopping district, and is home to several popular attractions, such as museums and an aquarium. You will also find a number of upscale restaurants and art galleries in the neighborhood.

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