Charlotte Named One of the Fastest Growing Cities

The recession that started in 2007 hit many cities around the U.S. hard. Some cities got hit harder than others. On the other hand, some cities have had strong recoveries. One of those cities is Charlotte, North Carolina. In June 2013, Charlotte was ranked by Forbes as one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. since the recession. For those who plan to take advantage of short term rentals in Charlotte, it will help to look at why Charlotte ranked as highly as it did on the list. This includes looking at the city’s population growth, as well as its economic growth.

Charlotte’s Population
The ranking of Charlotte on the list is due to its increase in population. Since the recession hit in 2007, Charlotte has seen a 15.8 percent increase in its population. As of June 2013, the city’s population stands at 775,202 people. That is a large enough increase for Charlotte to place Number Four on the list. Charlotte is the highest-ranking city in North Carolina on the list. Greensboro is also on the list at Number Nine, as are Raleigh and Durham at Number 12 and Number 14, respectively. Overall, Charlotte’s population makes it the 17th most heavily-populated city in the U.S.

Economic Growth
The driving factor for Charlotte’s increase in population is its growing economy. While many cities have had difficulty recovering from the recession, Charlotte has flourished. The city had previously ranked at Number Eight on Forbes’ list of Best Big Cities for Jobs in 2013, with a 3.3 percent increase in job growth for 2012. Overall, since the recession, Charlotte has seen over 47,000 jobs added, the highest number in the state. As a result of this, people are heading to the city for job opportunities, which, in turn, is helping Charlotte’s economy grow significantly in the wake of the recession.

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