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Fishing in San Diego

Fishing is a popular pastime, and San Diego offers many opportunities for those staying in short term housing in San Diego. There is sportfishing, lake fishing, and pier fishing available. In addition, there are numerous different types of species of

Cultural Museums in Los Angeles

There are several good cultural museums that a person staying in short term housing in L.A. might want to consider visiting, so we’ve listed some of these here below. California African American Museum Located at 600 State Drive, the California

San Diego Aquariums

For fans of marine wildlife, or for those who are simply looking for fun things to do with the family, there are a number of places where those staying in a San Diego short term rental can view marine animals.

L.A. Gyms

Working out is an important part of staying healthy, and L.A. offers a number of high-quality gyms for people staying in a short-term furnished apartment in Los Angeles to take advantage of. These gyms each offer different types of workout

Los Angeles IMAX Theaters

Anyone staying in a short term rental in Los Angeles for a period may want to know more about the local IMAX theaters. Viewing films on an IMAX screen presents a very different viewing experience than viewing them on a

3 Romantic Spots in San Diego

There are a number of romantic possibilities available to couples staying in furnished apartments in San Diego on a short-term basis. Beaches, waterfalls, and cruises all offer romantic getaways for couples to spend some time together. Looking at a few

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Philadelphia

There are a number of advantages to living in Philadelphia. At the same time, there are also some disadvantages. For anyone planning to take advantage of short term rentals in Philadelphia, it will help to take a closer look at

Charlotte Named One of the Fastest Growing Cities

The recession that started in 2007 hit many cities around the U.S. hard. Some cities got hit harder than others. On the other hand, some cities have had strong recoveries. One of those cities is Charlotte, North Carolina. In June

Winter Life in Boston

During the winter months, Boston is very much a cold weather city. Because of this, those who plan to take advantage of furnished apartments in Boston during the winter months will want to know what to expect during their stay

Websites offering discounts for Washington, D.C.

Those who will take advantage of short term rentals in Washington, DC will probably be looking for ways to save money during their stay in the city. Fortunately, there are many websites you can visit where you can find discounts

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