3 Romantic Spots in San Diego

There are a number of romantic possibilities available to couples staying in furnished apartments in San Diego on a short-term basis. Beaches, waterfalls, and cruises all offer romantic getaways for couples to spend some time together. Looking at a few of these may help couples decide which is right for them.

Fireworks and Beaches
One romantic possibility in San Diego is viewing a fireworks show from the beach. During the summer months (June, July, and August), Sea World San Diego usually puts on a fireworks display at around 9:30 in the evening. Several beaches – most notably beaches in Mission Bay – offer opportunities to view the fireworks display in its entirety. In addition, Mission Bay beaches are among those that allow bonfires, even providing fire pits. Fires are allowed between 5 am and midnight, giving couples the opportunity to watch the fireworks and have a fire going at the same time. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot reserve a fire pit ahead of time; they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition, couples must bring their own wood, as it is not provided.

Cedar Falls
For couples who enjoy the outdoors, a trip a few miles northeast of San Diego can lead them to Cedar Falls, which is located in Ramona, CA. The falls are 100 feet tall and there is a swimming hole below the falls where couples can swim together. It is best to make the hike to see the falls during the spring when they are at their peak. Hiking during the summer months is not recommended, as the excessive heat can be dangerous. Keep in mind that the hike to the falls is just a little over two miles, making it a round-trip hike of over four miles, so this trip should generally be made by couples who are in walking shape. In addition, an Adventure Pass parking permit from the US Forest Service is required to park cars in the area.

Hornblower Cruises
Located at 970 North Harbor Drive, Hornblower Cruises offers couples opportunities to take a cruise along the San Diego coast for a few hours. The cruises offer dinners, opportunities to view fireworks displays while out on the ocean, whale watching, and many other features. Couples even have the opportunity to have a wedding cruise. Many of the cruises typically last around two-to-three hours, though they can sometimes last longer depending on the type of cruise. Hornblower Cruises offers cruises year-round, though certain events only occur during specific times during the year. Couples planning a cruise should look at the Hornblower Cruises website to see the schedule of events for the year.

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